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Message Subject Ripple (XRP) is a Rip-Off! (Trinity is correct)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
XRP is way faster and cheaper than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is owned by a small majority of miners mostly in China, who are making bank off of the ridiculous fees. It costs 50 dollars to move funds, whether its 3 dollars or 3000. It uses a huge amount of electricity and computer power to mine

XRP takes no electricity, can send billions across the world within 4 seconds, and costs less than a fraction of a penny to do so. A percentage of XRP is destroyed with each transaction, so while there are many tokens, the value can remain high.

Ripple can give banks discount on purchasing large amounts so that is the incentive to use it, rather than purchasing it at market prices (it's 3 dollars now but will become worth much more)
 Quoting: Hibodharma

So a centralized, premined token basically.

We already have Paypal. Thanks anyway.
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