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Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks

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01/08/2018 10:59 AM
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Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks
** A few choice excerpts lifted from a book by the Puritan Reformer Thomas Brooks. The book is public domain and can be found free online.

- Those sins shall never be a Christian's bane that are now his greatest burden. It is not falling into the water but lying in the water, that drowns. It is not falling into sin but lying in sin, that destroys the soul. If sin and your heart are two then Christ and your heart are one.

- Jesus Christ has the greatest worth and wealth in him. As the worth and value of many pieces of silver is in one piece of gold so all the heavenly excellencies that are scattered abroad in angels and men are united in Christ! Yes, all the whole volume of perfection, which is spread through Heaven and earth, is epitomized in Christ!

- Though true repentance is never too late, yet late repentance is seldom true.

- There's nothing says one, 'that endures so small a time as the memory of mercies received; and the more great they are, the more commonly they are recompensed with ingratitude.'

- Much of a Christian's spiritual strength lies in secret prayer, as Samson's did in his hair. Nothing disarms Satan and weakens sin like this. Secret prayers are the pillars of smoke wherein the soul ascends to God out of the wilderness of this world. Secret prayer is Jacob's ladder, where you have God descending into the soul, and the soul sweetly ascending to God.

- God is most angry when he shows no anger. God keep us from this mercy. This kind of mercy is worse than all other kind of misery.

- As the water lifted Noah's ark nearer to heaven, and as all the stones were about Stephen's ears but did knock him closer to Christ, the corner stone, so all the strange, rugged providences that we meet with raise us nearer heaven and knock us nearer to Christ, that precious corner stone.

- God is like a prince that sends not his army against rebels before he has sent his pardon, and proclaimed it by a herald of arms. He first hangs out the white flag of mercy; if this wins men in, they are happy forever; but if they stand out, then God will put forth his flag of justice and judgment. If the one is despised, the other shall be felt with a witness.

- Other sins will not be long-lived when justice is done upon the bosom sin. Thrust but a dart through the heart of Absalom, and a complete conquest will follow.

- There are those that love their mercies into their graves, that hug their mercies to death, that kiss them till they kill them. Many a man has slain his mercies by setting too great a value upon them. Over-loved mercies are seldom long-lived.

- A humble heart is an aspiring heart. It can not be contented to get up some rounds of Jacob's ladder, but it must get to the very top of the ladder, to the very top of holiness. Verily, heaven is for that man, and that man is for heaven, who sets up for his mark the perfection of holiness.

- As the flood drowned Noah's own friends and servants, so must the flood of repenting tears drown our sweetest and most profitable sins.

- The sweetest comforts of this life are but like treasures of snow; do but take a handful of snow and crush it in your hands, and it will melt away presently; but if you let it lie upon the ground, it will continue for some time; and so it is with the contentments of this world. If you grasp them in your hands, and lay them too near your heart, they will quickly melt and vanish away; but if you will not hold them too fast in your hands, nor lay them too close to your hearts, they will abide the longer with you.

- A sincere heart weeps and laments bitterly over those secret and inward corruptions, which others will scarcely acknowledge to be sins.

- Christians, your hearts are Christ's royal throne, and in this throne Christ will be chief. If you shall attempt to enthrone the creature, be it ever so near and dear unto you, Christ will dethrone it, he will destroy it. He will quickly lay them in a bed of dust, who shall aspire to his royal throne.

- Reader, remember this: if your knowledge does not now affect your heart, it will at last, with a witness, afflict your heart. If it does not now endear Christ to you, it will at last provoke Christ the more against you. If it does not make all the things of Christ to be very precious in your eyes it will at last make you the more vile in Christ's eyes!

- Let no knowledge satisfy thee, but that which lifts you above the world, but that which weans thee from the world, makes the world a footstool. Such knowledge, such light, will at last lead thee into everlasting light.

- "When I awake I am still with thee" (Psalms 139:18) What we love most, we most muse upon. That which we much like, we shall much mind. Believer, keep up holy and spiritual affections; for such as your affections are, such will be your thoughts.

- As earthly portions carry away worldly hearts from God, so when God once comes to be a man's portion, he carries his heart away from the world, the flesh and the devil. All the world can not keep a man's interest and his heart asunder.

- Caeser in warlike matters, minded more what was to conquer than what was conquered; what was to gain, than what was gained; so does a humble soul mind more what he should be, than what he is; what is to be done, than what is already accomplished.

- It is a very great stumbling block to many poor sinners to see men who make a high profession of Christ, and yet never exercise and show forth the virtues of Christ. They profess they know him, and yet, by the non-exercise of his virtues, they deny him.

- There is no loss that comes so near to a Christian's heart, as the loss of his Lord; for when God goes all go - when the King removes, all his train follow; and therefore it is no wonder to see a Christian better bear any loss than the loss of his God, for in losing him he loses all.

- God's condescending love to weak worms, that he looks more at their will than at their work, he minds more what they would do, than what they do; he always prefers the willing mind before the worthiest work; and where desires and endeavours are sincere, there God judges such to be as good as they desire and endeavour to be.

- The richest metals lie the lowest, the choicest gems are in the bowels of the earth, and they who would have them must search diligently and dig deep, or else they must go without them. Doubting souls, you must search again and again, and you must work and labor, if ever you will find those spiritual treasures, those pearls of price, that are hid under the ashes of corruption, that lie low in the very bowels of your souls.

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2 Corinthians 13:14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.

User ID: 76078905
United States
01/08/2018 01:43 PM
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Re: Smooth Stones Taken From Ancient Brooks
2 Corinthians 13:14 The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.