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Message Subject Prophetic Word: 2018 Will Be the 'Year of Death' in U.S. for False Prophets and Lukewarm Christians
Poster Handle christian
Post Content
Starting in 2018, I am going to begin to remove many churches in this nation who have made My house a house of merchandise, but have caused My presence to be hid from My sheep. For My house shall be called a house of prayer”, says the Lord, “and
not a din of thieves. My house shall be a hospital”, sayeth God, “that shall be filled with the bruised, the broken, and the needy. And though My house has been filled with
many, it’s not been filled with those who My spirit has reached out to.”

“This final move that I am now releasing in the earth”, sayeth the Lord, “is not a move that is going to have mixture, but it will be a move of the pure presence of Myself and of the Shekinah glory of God. I am releasing My glory and My presence in the earth because the harvest is now ready”, says the Lord “and I have been waiting for laborers
to gather the harvest in.” “I now say unto the church that I have enough labors”, sayeth God “to bring the
harvest into the house of the Lord.

So 2018,” sayeth the Lord “for many houses, your walls will have to be pushed out”, sayeth God “ for there is an army of men and women that are getting ready to come into the house of the Lord. And for those that are laborers”, sayeth God “your labor in My work
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