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Message Subject Prophetic Word: 2018 Will Be the 'Year of Death' in U.S. for False Prophets and Lukewarm Christians
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Jeff Flake proved that today! He said he knew the TRUTH???

Pastor Kent Christmas believed God wanted to him to share a lengthy word of the Lord with the church—and video of the prophecy went viral. In the video, he declares it a "year of death" for false prophets and lukewarm Christians, but also promises good developments for God's followers.

“For Christians who no longer value My presence anymore and are lukewarm and My house has not been a priority in your lives, I’m going to withdraw from you this coming
year” says God. “I have blessed the lukewarm hoping that My blessings would make you love Me more and want to spend time with Me, but you have fallen in love with My
blessings instead of Me.

I am now going to remove My protection that I have had in
your lives and in your house and over your families” says the Lord. “And when you cry out to Me, I will not answer you in that day.”

“My people have run after preachers and prophets who have lied to them and said ‘it’s alright to be lukewarm and committed to Me’ and ‘make sin peace in your life’. They
have said that I am only a God of grace and mercy, and though I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, I also take no pleasure in My people who honor Me with their
lips but not with their hearts.”

 Quoting: christian

When is the year of death for the criminal fake juice and satan’s synagogue known as Rothschilds’ counterfeit israel?
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