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Message Subject Video explaining the origin of life: Once upon a time a water molecule got trapped in a bubble with a molecular snake. Yep that's it.
Poster Handle DGN
Post Content

what is it you are trying to demonstrate with these questions?

if you are trying to demonstrate that life cannot appear naturally then you need to try harder; you also need to demonstrate another explanation, something you have failed to do over and over again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9094168

I'm trying to help OP relate, again I posit, as entropy does its best to reduce, wherefrom comes order and betterment?

Whycuz there should be any path to higher consciousness, conscience, awareness?

Why build? To what end? If there be no reason for ordered existence and experience we would remain clay.

So love exists.

Explain how anything of useful order WOULD exist without.

Entropy seems to be a law, or at least a dependable attribute.

Yet we exist, and would not without some "order" to permit our existence and experience to build upon.

So what permits any increase beyond the base state of entropy?

Love, certainly, but once again, wherefrom or why?
 Quoting: Lost Pottawatomie

Yes the magnificent beauty of creation is an expression of divine love/intelligence, however a measure of each is required to recognize that.
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