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Message Subject An Interesting Take on Cancer
Poster Handle Lancifer
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As a cancer survivor, I have long believed that the key to ‘curing’ cancer lies in the immune system and viral load. The article states that the vaccine was used in lymphoma patients, and doctors have known for a while that there is a link between Epstein-Barr Virus and lymphoma (increased risk). My cancer was also caused by a virus, and the doctor told me, “THE VIRUS IS COMMON, BUT THE CANCER IS RARE BECAUSE MOST PEOPLE’S IMMUNE SYSTEMS CLEAR THE VIRUS.” My body, however, did not clear the virus because I have autoimmune disease (Juvenile RA —> RA as an adult, seborrhea dermatitis, etc. It should also be noted that I had Epstein-Barr Virus as a child).

I have also speculated that these autoimmune issues are ‘encouraged’ by vaccines, since I developed my JRA within months of being vaccinated for overseas living as a small child (MUCH heavier vaccine load than most children, multiple vaccines over 8 yrs while overseas). It flared and required hospitalization a 2nd time within a month of a round of boosters, and when looking at my records as an adult, this 2nd bout, coinciding with vaccination dates, is when I made the connection.

Based on my own anecdote (not scientific at all, I know), I think people who say vaccines cause cancer are factually correct while being somewhat incorrect in their methodology. They often point to the vaccines of the Boomer generation that were tainted with Simian cancer (from some monkey they used) and cervical cancer/HPV (from that black woman donor whose tissue they used but turns out she died from cervical cancer caused by HPV - a damn virus!, which was in the vaccines), but I think it is MORE than just that the vaccines were tainted with cancer. I think it is a combination of the viral vaccines and the immune system ‘engineering’ resulting from these viral-cancer-loaded vaccines.

Either way, I hope they perfect that shot before my next battle with that ugly Cancer Beast! I just wish they had it available last year when I was sacrificing 32 body parts/organs, my youth, my beauty, my mobility, and my quality of life. But I am ALIVE, and it is BEAUTIFUL. I hope to be around longer than anicipated, thanks to this vaccine.
 Quoting: Paranoid Chick

Dr. Mary's Monkey (there are several good videos if I recall)...ties in with JFK to...look that up. I don't have time right now, but I do believe that I read that people who have gotten malaria, never get Cancer either.
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