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Subject ISRAEL Deports AFRICANS - Sends them back to AFRICA!!! $3500 & Plane Ticket
Poster Handle OldWhiteGuy
Post Content
[link to www.voanews.com (secure)]

Israel is taking steps to deport thousands of African migrants.

Israeli immigration authorities have begun issuing deportation orders to asylum seekers from war-torn Eritrea and Sudan. It is the latest step in Israel’s plan to expel about 40,000 African migrants, after they entered the country illegally during the past decade.

A man who identified himself as Michael received a deportation notice. It said that by April 1st, he must leave for an unnamed African country, reported to be Rwanda.

Michael said it is wrong for Israel to deport refugees, knowing they face certain death back in Africa.

But the Israeli government rejects the refugee claim, saying the vast majority are economic migrants seeking a better quality of life.

The deportation order amounts to an ultimatum: The migrants can accept $3,500 and leave “voluntarily,” or they will face imprisonment. Israeli officials say the Africans are threatening the Jewish character of the state and blame them for rising crime and a deteriorating quality of life in South Tel Aviv.

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