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Mandela Effect Pirated my Lotto Winning Ticket

User ID: 76215472
02/05/2018 05:34 PM
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Mandela Effect Pirated my Lotto Winning Ticket
I went into a store in the night of lotto Max and the winnings were worth 20 million dollars.

I have a habit of buying really simple number sequences that appear very frequently. On this occasion, my number sequence included a relatives birthdate. A very frequent habit of mine, I might add.

I went home waited for the draw to close, and waited til Lotto Max posted the winning numbers. Early in the morning I checked the winning numbers online, and almost had a meltdown, when I saw the numbers matched the exact numbers I played.

2 winning tickets were sold and one of the winners was in the same province I live in.

So I go to look for the ticket, and cant find it. And I mean look for the ticket. I go the store and the employee even remembers me buying the last ticket just before the draw closed.

I specifically remember picking the numbers, and buying the ticket at a specific store. So I call the Lotto corporation, and tell them I lost the ticket. I tell them where I bought it. They tell me it wasnt bought at that location.

But when I told them how it was purchased, there was silence on the phone. I mean it wasnt a 20 dollar or a 100 dollar ticket. And the numbers were not a quick pick.

So still more silence on the phone from the Lotto corporation.

Ever wondered why there are so many non winning tickets of the lottery? Maybe its Mandela Effect fucking with us! #lmfao