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Message Subject Ladies... Gentleman... They are lying about the BLACK PANTHER movie being a hit. Slow
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This one group wanted to see that dumb movie but they said it was sold out. I had a feeling it wasn't. So during my movie i went into the crap panther movie and it was about 90% empty. Did some organization buy up the tickets and hence why it was empty?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75950930

SOLD out and people actually watching in the theater are 2 different things

I think some group or groups, bout tons of tickets online to push this agenda

If you had a big budget, thousands of tickets at $14 each would be no big deal

easy way to push you agenda, buy up all tickets online make it look like `13 million people saw it Friday and Saturday night

(192 million divided by 14 per ticket = 13 million movie goers hmmmm ??)
 Quoting: I'm From TEXAS y'all

So...lots of tickets sold doesn't mean a lot of people watching. Sounds about right in our current reality.
 Quoting: KnotHead


They don't need to BUY tickets

They just artificially inflate the ticket sold in media reports

It's a simple way to herd the cattle in to the propaganda box

And even if the cattle stays home, the masses will still assume it's a good SJW movie cuz "everyone is seeing it"

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