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Message Subject A Message from Father God for Saturday February 24, 2018 - God the Father Confirms the Mission of Qanon
Poster Handle Me114
Post Content
I want to confirm to you all, that Q is indeed real and his mission is of utmost importance to everyone worldwide. His posting of messages is NOT a “limited hangout”. In other words, Q is not revealing certain secrets with a nefarious agenda. In fact, Q’s method of informing the public takes the form of asking questions and giving clues so that his readers can do their own research on the issues raised. Therefore, the primary mission of the Q phenomenon is to encourage people to search for the truth and then share the truth with others.

I warned in my Word, the Bible, that in the last days, all that is hidden would be revealed and that people should become lovers of the truth. Truth is truth. It is not just the Gospel truth that I want shared. I also want all truth to be shared. I sent the Holy Spirit to guide you Children into ALL truth. You have been witnessing the revelations of truths in the many scandals that your controlled media are reluctant to report. The collusion of the Democrats with Russia is one such scandal.

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