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Message Subject A Message from Father God for Saturday February 24, 2018 - God the Father Confirms the Mission of Qanon
Poster Handle Me114
Post Content
Does my confirmation of the Q phenomenon mean that I want people to hang on his every word? The answer is NO. What I desire is for people who are digging out the truths to spread them to others through social contacts and social media. For example, people are making “memes” which are pictographs designed to reveal truth. What I desire is for the patriots in their countries to perform the mission that Q has set forth. Inform others with understanding of what the true reality is on Earth. Wake people up.

There are people whose desire is to search for QAnon’s latest messages and spread them. There are people who make YouTube videos analyzing his messages. This focused work monitoring Q’s messages is not for everyone. It is everyone else’s work to spread the truths that have been dug up from answering Q’s questions.

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