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Message Subject A Message from Father God for Saturday February 24, 2018 - God the Father Confirms the Mission of Qanon
Poster Handle Me114
Post Content
For those of you willing to take up this mission, I ask you to consult with Me via the Holy Spirit when to approach someone with these truths. I will help you with what you should say in your efforts to wake up others. An example would be informing someone about the horrendous pedophilia networks worldwide. It is one of my utmost priorities to see these networks dismantled and the perpetrators brought to justice. Some people have not the slightest idea that government officials are involved in human trafficking. Such a delicate subject has to be handled with care when trying to wake someone up to these truths. I will assist you at all times if you are willing to help wake up the masses.

You all have a part to play in fulfilling Qs mission, if you are wiling to help. Even simply retweeting a good meme can help tremendously. You can also share the research that the (deleted) message board digs up as a result of a Q posting. Support others who are spreading the truth. Make friends on Facebook or follow others on Twitter to form a tight and strong bond among yourselves with truth tellers.

In summary, today, My message has been to inform you that Qanon is real and that his mission is in line with My will. I ask you to join in his mission of spreading the truths that are revealed as a result of Qs messaging. This work is all a part of My will that everything that is hidden will be revealed in the last days. Become a lover of the truth, so that you may not be deceived. I love you all and it is My will that all of you shall be saved. Loving the truth goes a long way to strengthening your walk with Me.


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