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There has to be a mass migration from places like Youtube

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United States
02/28/2018 04:26 PM
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There has to be a mass migration from places like Youtube
Consider this message.

If youtube is going to just delete accounts OVER and OVER and OVER to our favorite channels, then shouldn't it be time for truthers of ALL ideas to form a boycott of youtube and start to promote a migration to somewhere like Dtube?

I am SURE that as a collective, if people start promoting the likes of Dtube to (insert your favorite channel here) in comment sections we can really show YouTube that WE are leaving IT.

I am sure that once the message gets out that people are migrating to Dtube, and the channel hosts start talking about how they are moving to that platform, we can show Youtube that there are alternatives.

If people can set a date (say something like March 31, 2018 or whatever) you can now find me on Dtube...people will follow.

And I'm talking about ALL walks of truthers. This has to be a mass migration. Youtube cannot keep shutting these channels down, and have them continue re-uploading forever. At some point the SGTReports (etc) are going to be like, ok, this sucks, I'm done.

Which we all lose in that case.

I'm just throwing that out there.

if WE as a collective start mentioning migrating to Dtube in comment sections on youtube, ALONG with truthers that HAVE youtube channels that come to GLP. We CAN make this happen.

I am also sure there are SOME prominent people who are reading this that CAN light a fire to this kind of message.

Maybe Dtube isn't 'it' but there has to be a better platform than Youtube.

To remove threads and posts because some mod doesn't agree is small minded. Its so sad that certain people feel like they have the right to remove ones voice.

To you I say, you are small minded, close minded, and quite pathetic. You know who you are because you know what I have written is true.