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The curse of the Great Gods upon Romania:the Twins monument destroyed in Bucharest in 1992

Lucian Aeli Apollo Zalmoxe
User ID: 76299037
03/05/2018 01:28 PM
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The curse of the Great Gods upon Romania:the Twins monument destroyed in Bucharest in 1992
My dear friends
My sister Artemis,one of them called Cristina Culea
talked to me in my mind tonight and told me
about the improuved extended and expanded version of the Curse of the Great Gods of Atlantia Apollo and Artemis upon Romania or the Roman Empire

the Roman Empire shall be destroyed in 33 years until we reach the year of Jesus Christ 2025
There was a tiny miners rebellion
they took their tools and came to Bucharest
killed a few students
president Ion Iliescu thanked them and asked them to plant flowers

they destroyed the Twins wooden monument in Bucharest
one old female dragon said on TV
-this is not possible! the monument connected us with our Ancestors

I felt a deep Rebellion inside my heart
I was Lucifer once more
I started to learn english and computers
I was on the net and I was playing Civ 1 all day long
and call to power later

let us count the years
1992 march-1993 march-april old stone age
1994 middle stone age
1995 new stone age Atlantia founded
1996 bronze age
1997 iron age
1998 steel age
1999 atomic age
2000 info age
2001 robot age
2002 nano age
2003 stellar age
2004 galactic
2005 universal
2006 ethics
2007 conscious
2008 spirit
2009 light
2010 nature
2011 god
2012 qualities
2013 holy spirit
2014 uncreated nature
2015 uncreated god
2016 silver
2017 gold
2018 platinum and that is my level now in the test of Agartha
my brand new Q6600 stops frequently
only 44 years of age
I should have died 3 years ago
waitied for Artemis and for you all my dear friends
we are at holy spirit now in some planet parts

Apollo Lucian Aeli with love