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Message Subject I am back doing tarot readings
Poster Handle SimpleGod
Post Content
I would appreciate one.
My question is what intensity will the change I am undertaking on Monday going to do?
 Quoting: LTHN.

Hi LTHN well you got a great reading here it is....

Situtation: 9 of cups

Your wish has been fulfilled but thing is what is the next step. God is calling you to speak up for yourself and start creating works of art for yourself and others. Time to give back.

Challenge: 8 of wands

The thing you gotta do is motivate yourself. Don't procrastinate if you want to keep manifestinf your wishes. You also may be travel or speaking to a friend who lives far from you

Daily Lesson: Queen of Pentacles

You may be a taurus female or has earth like qualities which will benefit you today. You will start to put value in the way you spend your money. Freshen up your home and get out in nature. As you breath in the fresh air remind yourself how loved you are. Surround yourself with beautiful things to make you feel more at home.

Advice: 3 of swords

Learn to heal your heart from past conflicts. This will help you appreciate moments more.

Near Future: Ace of Swords

You will be bringing up an important topic and catch a lot of positive attention. You are starting to see things in a new light that gives you hope and whatever petty issue you encounter is now or soon will be behind you.

Hope you enjoyed :)
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