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Message Subject I am back doing tarot readings
Poster Handle SimpleGod
Post Content
OP: Please read for me about the situation in my building.
Do I need to get a lawyer (again) to stop them. Thank you.
(Ignore the trolls.)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 73624498

Dear OP: Please do not waste time on the trolls. They hop on every thread like this.

Many appreciate guidance through the darkness and know that some can give this.

That is my request quoted, again: Please read for me about the situation in my building. Do I need to get a lawyer (again) to stop their false charges against me? Thank you.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74082678

Thank you so mucb. I'm just sensitive and I love God n knows He loves me but you're right. With your question yes you need to get a lawyer because with the 5 of swords those people are taling advantage of you and will stop at nothing to see you fail. File for harrassment too. You are blinded to what they're really up to with the 2 of swords and its funny you got the death card as advice cus i feel like u wish they were dead or non existent at least because they are evil. Witb the 10 of swords as your near future im warning you be careful of stalking. They have really betrayed you im sorry but if things get shady call the file a report thats my gut feeling
 Quoting: SimpleGod

This is not what I hoped.
It's takes so much to bring creeps and hood rats to justice because they lie and cause so much work and expense to counter them.

Any hope, or at least direction?
Can I trust my current lawyer?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74082678

Is this your business or home? But yea if you feel unsafe call the cops no mattsr what
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