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Message Subject So are you still eating animal flesh? Why?
Poster Handle BRIEF
Post Content
Meat is protein dense
My eyes face forward
I have larger k9s than most
If i dont get meat i feel starved
Nuts walnuts, almonds peanut butter are great, but make my hair thin out and shed, so does coffee.

Currently enjoying the keto diet, i cut out most carbs, so without carbs, nuts, sugars, dont do dairy well either,and on top of that you want me to cut out meat? What would i eat exactly? Beans and potatoes?

In short, we are all different, eat veggies if it makes you feel better, for me it makes me feel like crap
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 67193667

Are you type O blood?

Statistically you are, but O people are meat eaters, they need meat to be healthy.
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