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Message Subject Even Stewart Rhodes - the founder of Oath Keepers - is calling Bullshit on Trump's 2A Games
Poster Handle /7007/
Post Content
Never accept the opening gambit of a negotiation as the final word.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 65833029

Even implying that inalienable rights are negotiable is Treason.

Real Patriots are taking notice.
 Quoting: /7007/


Games aren't meant to be played with our God given inalienable rights.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 75712089

This is what boggles my mind...

How can anyone call themselves a 'patriot' and still fall for the idiot notion that these things are negotiable or even to used as bargaining chips... ?

And in the other part of the interview , Rhodes properly hammers the NRA as well .. for supporting 'existing' gun laws that are also plainly unconstitutional ..

I cannot wrap my head around the affinities of the political worshiping herds for endlessly and blindly 'following and trusting' their chosen political saviors no matter what they do or say..
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