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Message Subject Even Stewart Rhodes - the founder of Oath Keepers - is calling Bullshit on Trump's 2A Games
Poster Handle /7007/
Post Content
I wonder if he believes Donald Trump's version of events for parkland and Las vagas mass shootings
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74089952

Rhodes tries to stay clear of those sorts of things...same with the school shooting stuff - and he did in this interview by sidestepping SGT bringing up the teacher who saw a shooter in full black battle rattle spraying down a hallway ..

He has to walk a tightrope because of a widening rift between members of Oathkeepers - those who are starting to see the obvious inconsistencies with Trump and the 'official' versions of Vegas and Parkland, etc etc - and the sizable chunk of his membership who are full on political police state advocates...
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