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Message Subject Even Stewart Rhodes - the founder of Oath Keepers - is calling Bullshit on Trump's 2A Games
Poster Handle /7007/
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Nothing will happen. Trump is a businessman. Sometimes the best course of action is just to agree with your enemy, then do nothing. Just to get them to shut up.

Yes, Florida passed some stupid shit that will be overturned by the courts. They would've passed that crap no matter what Trump said.
 Quoting: OldWhiteGuy

This is a direct quote by Rhodes...

"I don't think he understands the Constitution, frankly, to be blunt... He's a businessman, I don't think he's actually ever sat down and studied the document or it's history... I hate to be..not trying to be mean about it, it's just a reality......when it comes to this he's starting to fold...what you don't want to do is give them an inch..they'll take a mile...In business you can compromise, when it comes to our rights you can't compromise...it's a violation of his oath...it's outside of the scope of his powers "

Trump greenlighted and reinvigorated the gun grab cabal...it's as simple as that..and some of his most ardent supporters have noticed and are speaking out ..
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