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Message Subject Even Stewart Rhodes - the founder of Oath Keepers - is calling Bullshit on Trump's 2A Games
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nothing will happen. Trump is a businessman. Sometimes the best course of action is just to agree with your enemy, then do nothing. Just to get them to shut up.

Yes, Florida passed some stupid shit that will be overturned by the courts. They would've passed that crap no matter what Trump said.
 Quoting: OldWhiteGuy

That's true.

Trump has zero power to "make" legislation. Basically what he did was force the STATES to make whatever move they've been cooking up for the last several years.

The STATES. Where WE are the closest to those who make laws. Where WE have the loudest voice, the most influence. Where those who make laws must also live with them, and have to share communities with the rest of us.

Today the commies had millions of kids walk out of schools. As always, they're organized, they're grabbing the headlines.

Mark words: the commies will eventually win the day for their masters, because of their willingness to be seen and be heard. So far, they're who lawmakers are hearing from on this issue. Little future commie voters.
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