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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Heavy Metal Machine
Post Content
Weird experience today.

very elderly gentleman walks into clinic. 95 yoa. very much able to live on his own, well off enough to pay his own way but very unwilling to spend money at the same time.

mildly to moderately senile, but because of money, then is not looked at as a problem to be driving on the road yet.

Walks in and spouts off some very personal statements about me in a very personal way (ways he should not have known.) Freaked me out a bit. But I have been attacked by "other dimensional entities" through the "infirm" people before.

This happened about a year and a half ago by another very elderly gentleman as well.

Both didn't want to be patients, just wanted to come in and "talk" to me in very .... insane from the outside way???

from a personal viewpoint. they knew and said things that were not "public" information.

Anybody out there have any similar experiences???

I believe that it was a form of communication from a dark source trying to make me feel down about myself/business/home/etc...

a catalyst so to speak to darker emotions for me.

very eerie experience.

 Quoting: The Natural One

Sending Guardian Angels of Protection, Love, and Light your way.

When I was quite younger, I did have evil entities attempt to mess with me.

I had to learn how to build a wall of protective Light around myself. I often found that being around certain people who for whatever reasons, attracted bad things like moths to a flame to themselves and those around them.

I started being selective in who I would allow around me, for extended lengths of time. Some it would take only a look into their eyes, to see they were empty and devoid of anything alive. Avoid those people at all times.

I'm sorry you had bad juju come at you. I'll include you in my Prayers. If you have another run in with bad juju.

Point blank ask that person "who or what, sent you here".

Often bad juju can't stand in the light direct confrontation and strength they are not expecting from their intended victim.

Bright Blessingshf

 Quoting: DestinyAKA-Des

That’s true. If it can’t shake you emotionally, it will pick an easier target. I get attacked in the form of nightmares which is hard to guard against mentally, because it’s such a vulnerable state. So, I have collected various amulets. I wear several at a time, and have extras rigged to my bed. I have so many protections going on, especially in my home. Depending on your personal beliefs, there are books and websites available to help.

That must have been freaky for you.
 Quoting: Arkansassy

i am not sure how i do it but when i have a super strange dream that i really do not like the potential outcome, i can wake myself up. i rarely have profound dreams, almost never remember dreaming and luckily, almost non-existent nightmares....cannot remember the last one....years. i DO NOT watch disturbing shit, if poss, tho! when i do get a bad visual....i can almost feel the "infection" taking root and I think "uh oh" and then i gotta work hard to scrub that potential nightmare fodder from my memory:)
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