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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Heavy Metal Machine
Post Content

Some interesting ideas..

D5 is Rockerfeller org
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77696516

This is weird

About 30 min ago I got the strong urge to watch this video I have not watched in months

My eyes got all teared up like the first time I saw it

And then I see alot of JFK Jr related posts (not that common) in the ”It’s on”-thread

I think the good guys are making their move now
 Quoting: EESwe

Yeah! And last night, on The Weather Channel, they replayed a 2015 episode of 'Why Planes Crash' spotlighting JFK Jr!

They even talked about how just prior to the crash, while the plane was over water, it made a (controlled seeminly) descent to about 2000 ft. It began climbing briefly and then launched into an uncontrolled spiral descent that ended with the crash into the ocean.

Although he had been cruising on autopilot, "for some reason" the autopilot had been disengaged just prior to the final descent.

I wonder, could they have jumped out at that first low point?

 Quoting: alwaysme

Is interesting they chose his crash to spotlight.
 Quoting: aliasx

i had read once of the poss he never got in plane or there was already another "pilot" in craft.
perhaps the descent was to let the 3 jump?
i think someone else was piloting at the end and jumped.....wishful thinkin perhaps....stranger shit has happened:)
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