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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle ChiaPet
Post Content
Recently rekindled friendship with good Friend from long long ago. Forgot how liberal I used to be. She began her Trump rant and kept going back there. For as much time that I spend here, I suddenly felt ill equipped to respond let alone do some red pilling. After all she graduated from one of same colleges as our President. I am pretty sure she became aware of my reluctance to be a joiner with her. We switched to other topics including art, literature, good old times, and covered lots of woo woo stuff. When she asked about my new interests, I told her Nikola Tesla. She paused and admitted that she’d only heard of him but will definitely look into Tesla.

My heart is happy because I know what a researcher she is. There is a GOOD chance she will run into the Trump-Tesla connection!
 Quoting: ChiaPet

I feel much the same way, sadly, being reluctant to confront, but spirit will let us know (as it did with you) how to drop seeds.
Good going, Chia.
 Quoting: sloonie

Thank you Sloonie and all of you for your insight. Very helpful to hear your first hand experiences in how tough red pilling actually is. Or as Lance would said, “friends and family going poof.” It is frustrating and sad. Yes, the easier thing would be to just step out of the way, or avoid all together. Would rather stay in my little comfort zone but when my friend gave me a little in, I went for it with tiny seed.

I am very grateful for the luxury of spending time on this thread. This is a community of some amazing people who have helped me beyond measure. From lurking at the beginning to finally crawling out of my protective shell.
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