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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content
Recently rekindled friendship with good Friend from long long ago. Forgot how liberal I used to be. She began her Trump rant and kept going back there. For as much time that I spend here, I suddenly felt ill equipped to respond let alone do some red pilling. After all she graduated from one of same colleges as our President. I am pretty sure she became aware of my reluctance to be a joiner with her. We switched to other topics including art, literature, good old times, and covered lots of woo woo stuff. When she asked about my new interests, I told her Nikola Tesla. She paused and admitted that she’d only heard of him but will definitely look into Tesla.

My heart is happy because I know what a researcher she is. There is a GOOD chance she will run into the Trump-Tesla connection!
 Quoting: ChiaPet

I feel much the same way, sadly, being reluctant to confront, but spirit will let us know (as it did with you) how to drop seeds.
Good going, Chia.
 Quoting: sloonie

finding common ground is helpful.

i continue to have my head explode with insight into my new local partner in mindcrime:)
turns out, not only did we live in the same house, a decade apart, but the same fkn room with the same rolling stones tongue mural on the wall!!
i also saw baby eaglet in a nest down by the river on friday. i feel like i have been plugged in....to what....dunno yetrockon
 Quoting: Heavy Metal Machine

That one amazing picture of lightening. I glad I have not seen that type lightening since 1972.
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