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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Noname
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Recently rekindled friendship with good Friend from long long ago. Forgot how liberal I used to be. She began her Trump rant and kept going back there. For as much time that I spend here, I suddenly felt ill equipped to respond let alone do some red pilling. After all she graduated from one of same colleges as our President. I am pretty sure she became aware of my reluctance to be a joiner with her. We switched to other topics including art, literature, good old times, and covered lots of woo woo stuff. When she asked about my new interests, I told her Nikola Tesla. She paused and admitted that she’d only heard of him but will definitely look into Tesla.

My heart is happy because I know what a researcher she is. There is a GOOD chance she will run into the Trump-Tesla connection!
 Quoting: ChiaPet

Red Pilling is not an easy artform.
 Quoting: The Natural One

I try and red pill my parents, it is extremely tough, I got into a little red pilling argument the other day. It gets you fired up that they don't understand everything because frankly there's too much info for them to put the pieces together. My mom told me to calm down, I told her I'd be fine I just don't like the fact that they don't believe me she hugged me right at that moment she says I listen to you, I told her I know but listening and believing are 2 completely different things she stayed quiet and I got into my car and went on my way home. I can just hope that once it's all out that they do look back on everything I've told them, some stuff I don't talk about because its a lot for the heart to handle and that will come at a later time.
 Quoting: Noname 75951926

At this point,for me at least, if an individual gives me an opening, I start a mild red-pill to see how it goes. If there is a good response, then proceed slowly. I do not get many opportunities.

The MSM, even though they truly are on the ropes from Q and POTUS at this moment, still have an amazing sway over the 'non-redpilled' population. It really is scary...

Everyone just takes it for granted that the truth is being broadcast by the MSM and political and institutional leaders.

At least in my state, there are more Trump voters than those with TDS. That makes it easier. You guys in the Blue states really have a difficult situation to cope with.

I still have to be careful how I red-pill.
 Quoting: The Natural One

I'm in the great state of Texas! Parents are Hispanic father is from Mexico. I know its hard to think our own gov. wants to hurt us they don't believe they would do such a thing, but I try and throw some info at the every chance I get.
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