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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Lance Roseman From BC
Post Content
I saw a guy in a grocery store one day, and he looked like he had a demon in him! His eyes were evil! A few days later, I saw him on the tv news, he had stabbed someone! His eyes were like Charles Mansons!
 Quoting: bigD111

It's freaky hey! Odd fricking story but I will abbreviate it. I was at the beach and 2 possessed people started going after each other at my Saturday JYT xword table (it's old school...from like 20 years ago), and they came up and got in the way of the focus on this xword and then all of a sudden, well, all of a sudden, a Russian 6' valkyrie angel woman and a French brunette who is the hottest woman I have ever met came to the table because they wanted to talk about MK stuff with me.

Both of them lifted their eyebrows and nodded towards a very far away table and we moved there and they said kind of at the same time 'you are the only person who could have stood there that long' and I replied 'I'm a Q-tard' I can stand a lot now and that is the point. Great afternoon with 2 beauties who are way to young for me nor do I want another relationship. But the company of beautiful women is always a welcome thing in an aging mans life.

Someone should do a 'Demons, demons everywhere' meme because it was insane. Then I hung out with one of them today and realized he had no clue what he had become.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Was one of them a dude?
 Quoting: One Shot

2 women, but the demon in one of them comes off as being masculine.
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