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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content

Yes, if this is true, we are looking at 18 months before the next step....

The ShitShow of the DemoncRats will lead the way to their maintained victory of the House, Possibly the takeover of the Senate....

Then they can possibly actually Impeach Trump....



I knew that I was at "STUCK" but this is just too much to take.

2018 was to be the year... turned out to be just the setup...

2019 was then supposed to be the fatal sweep.... now what??? continue with the plan? as is? thru 2020???


... I'm going to be ranting for a while.....

I needed things to be "visible" to the blind ones by the election, not after....

this is such BS!

 Quoting: The Natural One

Love those memes TNO, and I'm with you...I'm going to hold out hope (for now) this is fake news.
 Quoting: Clair_Voyant

I do not think you can tell anyone what going on, it could mess up things being legally done right. I tire of it too, I not totally out of mind though, if you are investigation crimes, and maybe putting cases together you can not talk about them, you just can not talk about them. You want any one to walk free on technicalities? I just putting this out there for thought, don't know, it highly possible though. The one doing this is the one with the tough reputation of going after the ones in government who are bad apples.
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