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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Jonquilmusic
Post Content
NYC Helicopter crash / QANON / Obama's / 9/11

Look for this title on the forum, look in search if you can not find it. I suggested a pin, it doesn't always happen. I interesting with a lot of research in to Sidney Austin a lot of people, link to Obama and Clinton's.
 Quoting: hankie

I'm wondering WHY the pilot was flying a helo in RESTRICTED air space without permission, in terrible weather conditions.

He didn't have passenger(s), and no permission to be there.

What was he carrying that had to be somewhere no matter what FAA rules he broke?

Cash, documents, what in the hell was he risking his life and career over? He died anyway. Was it worth it?

 Quoting: DestinyAKA-Des

If one dies, that's a fail! Not worth it!
 Quoting: bigD111

Reportedly died. Helo's could be flown remotely? Not saying I believe this to be the case, but do we know for certain?
 Quoting: Clair_Voyant

Right?!?! Story died real fast, too.
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