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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle MsMc
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I trying to figure out how to paste the site or word it to put it so you know where to change the letters to find it. Just hit like you are going to post, change the letters and come back to the where you would have posted and cancel, that way you can just highlight after changing it to the correct site and post it in the address bar. (Highlight copy and paste in address bar). (Just change to no instead of oo.)

This is the Washington Monument without all the conspiracy about it, it what I remembered about it, so I went to find it, the founders put things there along with others, I went to wiki and no they did not have the full and some seem totally wrong. I never trust Wikipedia much at all.
Point is what the aluminum cap is and what it says, the soope said of course the cross most likely was not thought of by the guy that built or designed it, don't think he rights, most of them were Christians back then who worked in Washington and out side Washington.

My ancestors owned a lot of that land where all that stands now, so, They were Christians and the kind who want to worship God and his Son by the Bible, God said it, I believe it and that the end of it, type thing. They also were builders.

They also were into everything going on in those years. You find out a lot by what is left and written inside the monument, by the way, that one of the easiest thing to built to stay upright also can be used as a sundial, time keeper. The layout is in a cross, the monuments are placed in a cross and this was in the planners plans. It is north, south, east and west, not perfectly only this can be said to be part of it. That not so important than what was in the steps or stairs, just as what is on the pyramid stairs in Egypt people do not talk about, the passage of the people of the Old testament. I not sure of the whole words of it, Leonhard Nemoy ( Spock ), did a special there years ago, walking them off as they go up. Maybe Joseph, the coat of may color one, had something to do with it.

If they meant or any of the other to happened they showed no sign they did not win or made and agreement with England at that time. I would have to see it and know that it was not a forgery, cause it could be, just as a will the Roman Catholic Church just put there and others said, it a forgery f, will that is to give them land. You sure can't trust a Rothschild to tell the truth, they were crooked, doing anything to take over things. Now they could have pull something to get us in debt later, bankrupt was not what happened then, it was where they put tax on the people which in turn pushed the people farther away from them, they even put tax on cupcakes, I read this, they used money to buy out some congressmen. Then late came the Civil war, then more money to oil the palms all the way to the Federal Reserve act, this did not make it legal, they could not by the constitution do anything legal to change the government without the states and they did not agree. There are plenty of copies of the constitution from those days, and the confederation papers before then. The one used in DC is for the Government of the gov. they are not the bosses, the states are and that means the people. All Washington did not burn down, just the White House. Did someone change history again? Clues are in the monument. The take over could be true not that it legal, usurpers yes, possible.
[link to www.soopes.com (secure)]
 Quoting: hankie

Wow from that link .....

From atop this magnificent granite and marble structure … a visitor can take in the beautiful panoramic view of the city with its division into four major segments. And from that vantage point one can also easily see the original plan of the designer, Pierre Charles l’Enfant … a perfect cross imposed upon the landscape … with the White House to the North, the Jefferson Memorial to the South, the Capitol to the East, and the Lincoln Memorial to the West. A cross … you say?

How interesting! And … no doubt … intended to carry a meaning for those who bother to notice. Praise be to God!

I researched and found the Pierre Charles l’Enfant a long time ago funny how he popped back up here eh!


Afternoon Q Team Xx
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