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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Deplorableduckhunter
Post Content
As some forget to mention, it not just Trump and president Trump who was spies on. The spying started in 2012 not during Trumps run for president. I know they were spying on congress during this time, I think even Brennan told them something to this effect. It was when they were going crazy and move out into a tent, because everything they said was being told about. The reporters were being spied on, regular people were being spied on. So, it bigger than just what they did to Trump and president Trump, he their one to stalk and torment, also keeping it loud to drown out what the other things being heard by the people.

Their spying was on all the American people not just the government, at anytime they could have decided someone should be picked up and done something, too. Don't you not get this?

These people were becoming the type that would make Hitler proud or Stalin or Mao, Pol Pot and all the petty dictators around the world through history.

Clean the up, I say make Mr. Clean proud, they need to disinfect Washington D.C.!

I look at the most on our shore picture, they had help for others, that is some thing else, these are homegrown or some that are not who they say they are. I would check all of them to see if they were even human. They do not seem even to be remotely as human or part of mankind, no, I think they were hatched by a lizard, cold blood lizard of some sort.
 Quoting: hankie

We are learning as humankind. Our ancestors knew Evil had form..just did not know how it looked. Becoming more clear how it hides under human skin. Looks like Fraggledrip when it is on full display.
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