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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Kiwi25
Post Content
"Juan O. Savin" calls in to Abel Danger. Harsh sound quality but five minutes in it seems worth it. Familiar voice?

 Quoting: Revolution of Consciousness

"Juan O. Savin"

sounds like

One of Seven ?

And the way he counted too Seven..

 Quoting: wayQwyrd

Perhaps it's 107. Disregard the zero.
 Quoting: Revolution of Consciousness

Juan is just another way for MCConnel to say John. Hey guys. Listen to the video. It's an impassioned talk from JFK jr and he has a lot to say. We are at high noon in America and things are about to get hot. You need to know to explain to our neighbors. The illuminati are real. They do sacrifice kids. WJC is the son of Winthrop Rockefeller..(I thought so),and the goal is to enslave, destroy, weaken. REmember, the Kennedy's are a blood line family. They were privy to stuff ordinary people were not.

My take. If you don't watch it you don't belong here. Yup. Strong words. He talks about Q. He talks about Trump needing support. He lectures and pleads and instructs and YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW.

Don't tell me JFK jr is dead. Listen to the vid. No need to watch. I just listened while peeling apples.

Now PLEASE listen. Pleaserant
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