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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle aliasx
Post Content
Someone posted the Texzon link earlier and I cannot find it!

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

I wont imbed because it is somewhere. It's relevant to Q.

Remember the trip to Saudi Arabia with the globe that lighted up when hands were laid on it? We could not figure out what it meant. Well...

I'm connecting the dots. Theory: there was an agreement to build the grid. SA is running out of oil anyway.

note: This energy source is real. Suppressed in past because it would destroy the grip of oil industrialists. I've read past insider discussions. Now, new GOAL. Free us.
REcall the vid of Trump and Nixon and Tesla. (I'm not good at finding past stuff. How to search a given thread???)

Why wait to make arrests? Hey, all those nuclear weapons stashed in N.Korea and maybe elsewhere could be used by cabal to threaten us with an E.M.P. It doesn't take much to create one. Then,.. No power, no water because no municipal pumping. No food because most vehicles wont work. 99% would be dead in a few weeks. Mayhem. That had to be avoided. The grid was vulnerable and it takes years to replace all the transformers.

Once the new grid is finished, that threat no longer exists. Even if some rogue groups remain..And maybe it's hard to find them all. Q had some posts about nukes hidden in plain sight...in tall special purpose buildings, for example. or underground. heck, even Britain might harbor such things. They consider us their investment.

White hats must delay until the new grid will function. No choice.

Now ...what do the rest of you think about this possibility?
 Quoting: Kiwi25

I remember people posting about how some buildings look like they have nukes built in. I also think you are on to something about the grid having to be rebuilt for reasons you mentioned. It’s very vulnerable IMO.
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