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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle troungshixam
Post Content
Has anyone seen the information quoted below? It's scaring the crap out of people I know. Seems like crap put out by black hats to foment trouble but I'm not sure. Thanks!

"Clay Fisk Heads up!!!
NATIONAL WARNING// I got 2x confirmation by both an Active Senior US Army SGT & now a US Navy LT. & both stated that "The United Nations has mobilized it's troops" Both men met me face to face about an hour ago & both have been highly credible since contact 2 years ago. Both are Patriots & White Hats. They worked & advised us of critical & classified information during & after the Las Vegas Terror Attack. Due to their Intel & Bravery...We were able to report facts 3-9 months ahead of time... (Never retracted a single report & 5 FOIA Requests Denied) They both stated these "Blue Helmets" are intended for the United States of America. One source reported: "Troop numbers are well into the multiple thousands & ETA is effective NOW- until end of December 2019"
Also I'm very Proud to Confirm on a National level: State Troopers & Sheriff's have returned a 90 day private poll, and 2 trusted leaders told me face to face, about 3 weeks ago that they are over 90% on board with III% Both said without a doubt that "LEO will also STAND to DEFEND the United States & it's Constitution" I do not know exactly what is going on & absolutely will NOT speculate. I do acknowledge the current situation in the United States is VERY Dangerous & Extremely Critical. EMERGENCY ALERT: American's PLEASE concentrate your efforts on Emergency preparedness in the next 20-30 days, and be very aware of your surroundings. This includes: (but not limited to) Storage of Food, Water, Medical, Fuel & Defensive materials. This is America, and we will NOT allow you to manufacture false evidence to remove the US President. We will under NO circumstances allow ENEMY forces on US soil. I admit I have more than a few grievances with Mr. Trump, but I will NOT stand silent, or idly by during this TREASONOUS attempt to remove him from office. We will NEVER allow lies to become Truth... Nor Evil to overcome Good. This is a Nationwide Alert to III%, LEO, & ALL Patriots. Please give return if you've got a copy. ANY Biker club members read this, please respond to Emergency Request for Assistance. Anyone that's an "active member" of "Rolling Thunder" or "Bikers for Trump" ETC. Please respond in Private. I will not post any further instructions, as my words will be used against me in the worst fashion. Anyone that can confirm any further sightings in any of the 50 US states... Please report back immediately. Stay the Constitutional & Legal Course of Action. DO NOT STAND DOWN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Hold the line Brothers & Sisters. If you get any push...Then SHOVE back Immediately. I have been highly shadow banned in past month's. NOTICE: WE WILL NOT COMPLY. USE OF DEFENSIVE FORCE DEEMED NECESSARY ONLY IN DEFENSE OF "LIFE OR LIBERTY" (DO NOT DISREGARD) USYJCO
 Quoting: abrock

I think I can help you here - Army sergeants don't know anything at all about United Nations troop movements......
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