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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Clair_Voyant
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Thread: I don't know what else can derail this plan except exposing it - I have sources in the Democratic Party and Media

One source is very high up in the California Democratic party. If you want to know how high up, this person orchestrated the play that got rid of Bernie (you remember, the day before the California primary, the party declared Hillary the nominee - because she was going to lose to Bernie in California and could not go on campaigning with a stain like that, at least not with any credibility). My other source is actually in one of the big three cable news networks (Yes, think MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN - one of those) and is high up enough to get all of the talking points weeks in advance to direct, distribute and implement them. This source also has direct access to the debates and questions and is very tight with the party. Anyways, the point is I know that are credible and in the know - and they confirmed my suspicions.

Here is the word

Biden is not gonna make it, has been very disappointing from the start and his situation is just gonna get more complicated.

None of the other democrats are strong enough to raise the needed funds nor do they have good chances in the general election if they got nominated. Bernie is done and won't make it.

So this leaves Warren. Warren on her own has gone far but she doesn't have the charisma or star power or likability. She has lots of problems that Trump would expose easily if they were ever to face off 1 v 1 in debates. This plan won't change that, but will mitigate it to a large degree.

There was a strong faction in the democratic party that had been saying this all along (that Warren was the strongest in a field of weak candidates) and they were proven right as every flavor of the week candidate fizzled out (Kamala, Beto, Buttigieg etc).

So... this faction has come up with what they think will be their strongest play to win the election.

The plan is to wait right before the first primaries (I don't know how soon, maybe 2 or 3 days prior for maximum shock-effect (on the actual ballots) or if they want it to register in the polls, they may do it 10-14 days/7-10 days before the first primaries).

Basically, Warren's staff will tease the media saying she will make an important announcement regarding her campaign. When all the media is anxiously waiting ready to film the press conference, she will come out on stage and announce that Hillary Clinton is her running mate. It was emphasized to me that she will not specify that Hillary will be her VP (even though she will be - it will be kept vague on purpose. I don't know why but I suspect it is because they things kept simple for the simple-minded). She is going to keep it vague and sell it as her "co-candidate" or simply her "running mate". Some of the talking points will be that she is her "equal", her co-pilot etc. They are working on other catchphrases and buzzwords to sell the theme of them being the two women who can not only defeat Trump but deliver on all the far-left plans you have been hearing in the last 18 months. Warren will promise to fill her cabinet with the squad and other SJW elements in the democratic party. Warren will sell Clinton as an experienced lawmaker who will handle the legislative front to ensure congress and the senate fall in line with their "progressive" plans.

So this is their dream-team to win 2020. I suspect if they go through with this plan, Warren will surge in the polls with all the media focused on hyping this move. She will obliterate her rivals in the polls and should win the first primaries and be in a good position to maintain that momentum. Also, it was pointed out to me that Hillary as "running-mate" and not as the actual presidential candidate saves her from the frenzied schedule of events and appearances that exacerbated her health issues in 2016 (and she didn't even really campaign that much, which says a lot about her condition). She'll only have to worry about the VP debate (her people think she will do well against Pence - I'm not so sure about that). Everything else, she's gonna do pre-recorded or tv appearances but she won't be touring the country on a bus like in 2016. Warren will be the one out there campaigning (according to both of my sources)

I personally thought the best chance to beat Trump was to to run a Biden-Sanders ticket but very quickly I saw that neither of them were very solid. It just seems that the way things shake out, Warren, despite all her weaknesses will be the front-runner. On her own, her chances are not great. With Hillary, together they will pose a real threat to Trump. With the media and the political establishment in their pocket, this should not be taken lightly.

Of course, with Hillary on the ticket you know who will "wear the pants" in this relationship. Hillary may be the VP but she will be in control. Foreign policy is the number one area "they" care about. Along with economic policy. So more more regime change, pointless wars, spending and chaos globally. Warren will be mostly a figure head from this standpoint but on the domestic front she will do much to advance leftism. One area that is unclear is domestic corporate policies - Warren has some original policies. Some of it may be genuine but she is very naive while Hillary has too many "friends" and interests in corporate America. So it will be interesting to see Warren basically be powerless in this regard when its been one of the biggest things she's been running on. Same for all her talk on healthcare, education, loans, etc - Hillary will prevent any real change or even "talk" against these interests.

So there you have it. I have come out with this because this scenario is the only one that keeps me up at night. I don't know what else can derail this except exposing it so that it loses its impact before they come out with it. Maybe give everyone time to prepare for it and overcome it.
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That ticket will only win in states where there are no voter I'd laws, Dems are allowed unlimited votes, the dead people votes are all dem, and Dems control the vote count.

With those two leading the country, people here will be migrating to Mexico and Venezuela for less corruption.
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