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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Clair_Voyant
Post Content
Don't know where you're going with this, but I don't think anyone here is jumping on the Gore train. Not now, not ever!
 Quoting: Clair_Voyant
I'm on the American train and I had a
politically incorrect Civics teacher
in high school that put me on it.

My daddy went in the Navy straight out of high school.
He was 15 when Pearl was bombed and as Gore said, when you
live in the Volunteer State it's what you do.

When they dropped the bombs on Japan, he was on a ship
headed for Okinawa. He wrote back to the farm in Nutbush
and told them "I'm still here." After the war he moved east
to attend the University on the G.I. Bill. Met my mother
there and built her this house on the hill during the
Cuban Missile "crisis." She was carrying her third, my
sister, when JFK was shot. John John and I had just
turned 3, he's exactly 7 days younger than me.

I grew up seeing nightly casualty numbers on TV not
really knowing what they meant.
I was in 1st grade when Star Trek came on and I've
looked at that bigger picture "OUT THERE" ever since.
I was 14 when Saigon fell, 'Jaws' hit the screens, and
my VW Bus hit the roads. Dad had a Bus just like it and
that's what I learned to drive on. But we're not "hippies"
just practical. My hero is the kindest man I ever met.
I've owned only 4-cylinder straight-shift vehicles
because that's all I ever needed. Still got so many
speeding tickets I've lost count.

I had a dream about meeting Trump last night. All I
remember is he was washing the dishes and I was
asking him "Sir, what can I do to help?"

 Quoting: hillbilly

Yes! America first. Hell, I'm for every Nation looking out for there own best interests. But it needs to be on an even (balanced) playing field. Don't steal, cheat, spy on, set traps, or trick me...and still expect me to support you.

And Gore, IMO, is not looking out for this country's best interest. He may have at one point, but that ship has long sailed...at least from my perspective. He's as DS connected as they come, and has enriched himself on a manufactured crisis.
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