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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Samatha Power Denies Unmasking To Reporter: “It’s completely false”
By /ourgirl/ Sara Carter -October 8, 2019

Former United Nations Ambassador Samantha Power was caught off guard by reporter Nicholas Ballasy who asked her why she had made so many “unmasking” requests at the end of her tenure at the U.N.

Watch the interview below. She appeared to be rattled and taken off guard by the questions asked by Ballasy. Ballasy told SaraACarter.com that Power’s handler asked him not to ask the former ambassador any more questions after he had already questioned her extensively.

Power’s “pushed back on reports of her frequent ‘unmasking’ requests in 2016 during the presidential campaign, calling them “completely false,” she told Ballasy, after an event at the in Washington, where she delivered the 2019 Daniel Patrick Moynihan lecture sponsored by the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Ballsey’s interview with Power was first reported on PJ Media.

Power, a critic of President Trump, had unmasking requests that totaled more than 260 in 2016, according to lawmakers and as reported by SaraACarter.com.

However, in October 2017, then House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy said Power told the panel of lawmakers that the “unmasking” requests made in her name were directed by her.

She testified about the alleged 260 requests to “unmask” Americans caught up in the surveillance of non-U.S. citizens. Her testimony contradicts her statements made to Ballsey.

Video and moar here:
[link to saraacarter.com (secure)]
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