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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hillbilly
Post Content
The only thing I can add to the dream
is that his hand, when I shook it,
was cold and clammy, like he was ill.
I woke up worried that I was gonna be
catching his cold or flu. I don't often
have such vivid dream recollection.
I haven't been able to get more than
a couple of hours' at a time lately.

Our aircraft carriers were safely
out at sea, the nearly obsolete
battleships were docked at Pearl
on that "infamous" day. FDR knew
it was coming, just like Bush knew
on 9-11. We were told years ago that
war with China was in the works.

The biggest wildcard is the Russians.
India and Brazil are the next largest.
The globalists are trying their damnedest
to drive a wedge between the Christian
countries as we are their only obstacle.
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