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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content
[link to twitter.com (secure)]

JUST IN: Adam Schiff claims whistleblower in Ukraine scandal has been receiving death threats, but forgets the whistleblower is anonymous

1:45 PM · Oct 8, 2019·

 Quoting: The Natural One

What's this, more parody? chuckle
 Quoting: bigD111

This twatterer usually only posts breaking news events.... SO, I guess legit???

Is funny, however....


 Quoting: The Natural One

Adam is threatening to kill the whistle blower, he about the only one who knows who he or she is. Time for the whistle blower to go into protective custody, so he can be protected from this guy, he may tell Hillary who the person is and you know what happens to Hillary's inconveniences. The person need a new identity that Schifty does not know, or anyone that works of him. We can not say who they are, our concern is legit, we can send flower to an anomalous entity Whistle blower who going to be hung out to dry literally. It going to be dangerous, really, being the one who hold the bag of lawyer made up crap and them thinking no one will ever know who they are, except the ones who helped them. That a bad place to be, male or female, bad news. Your going to take the heat.

If you are ghost, forget it, the deed is done. Don't worry Adam will get his in time.

That the making of a good book, the poor whistle blower who was forced to do this, and they force him threatening to harm someone he or she loved, such a bad thing. I can think up all kinds of things about a ghost.

How in the heck does a person get themselves into a mess like this with a person like Adam Schift? They sure should think of the country, unless they are so deep into taking over, dumb move, we are not liking what we are seeing. You need to know that people in the US are not blind. Run while you can, make sure it far away live the rest of your life in someplace that does not have people as Adam. If you have family take them with you, that the best advice I can give to someone who going to have a lot of problems. I am not out to hurt anyone as long as you did not kill anyone, rape a child etc. Get a thicket and head out of the US before some horrible happens to you, not by the President. Lying is one thing, working with shit for brains is another.
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