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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content

There was a big stink during voting, the west side of Florida was closed early so people couldn't vote, yep there was rigging going on. I still glad Gore never saw the set in the President office, even though I think Bush is not much better. Everyone of these people and Gore is with them, are not for the American people. So, quit worrying about Gore winning, it over he would have been even a bigger nightmare, more than likely he would have been impeached, he was real blatant about his unlawful activity. By the way, does anyone remember who his running mate was, he was not mention enough to be remembered.

Gore did call Bush, congratulating him on his win. Then he Gore got a call and took it back. Then were had to go through hanging chads. This all seemed a put up job and Gore was part of it. I told you he and Bill got into a fist fight because Bill refused to campaign for Gore, gore messed the White House office and other thing up before leaving. Does an normal person do this kind of thing, it the peoples house not his.

If they really had wanted to get rid of Clinton it would have been much easier to impeach Gore first, he did a lot of campaign illegal activity and it was recorded along with illegal money transfers. They did not want to get rid of Clinton who had done a heck of a lot more than sex and lying about it. They just wanted to impeach and keep him under more control.
 Quoting: hankie

Hanging chads?
 Quoting: Loup Garou

Those little dots that was on the voting cards. I probably spelling it wrong, not surprising I had another seizure before I wrote it.
 Quoting: hankie

That's not good, Hankie. You should go and get yourself checked out.
 Quoting: keybored

They did for years, I don't have as many today as I did then, I can't take the medicine for it, I do have something to take to stop them sure. I think I going to order something that help some before, It may work again, it helped and I ran out, thinking it was over, and it helped them plus a lot of other problems, it was truly amazing and I am a nut for not reordering it. I don't have normal signs some have with seizures, I was talking and felt weak all of a sudden and got a mild headache legs start, I should have known earlier to grab the medicine. Well, hindsight is 20/20 and I never had 20/20 vision anyway. I going to order Kratom? I think it called, somewhere it written down. You have to laugh at yourself a lot really.

So I just went and did some research, had some fun, and found some information as I posted above, interest about Obama's heritage being mentioned. You never know it could work out his one of mine, if so, I will really like to kick his accents, yep, maybe all of would want to kick his assents. Well at least he lied about it, maybe he is ashamed or what, this is nothing to be ashamed of, even if he is not kin, distantly, possible though being that close to ours, his may have been a servant to someone, or was a seaman or part of the crew, all blacks were not slaves on that ship.
The information is toward the bottom of the Dr. Gaither's write up.

I am a little put out right now, I found that my state will not allow Kratom to be sent to my state. Everytime I find something that helped me, they either come down on them until they take it off the market or won't let you buy it. I may get to being real mad before I am through, except argue gives me more seizures, I have to stay calm, I can't even be very happy, it hits my emotional part of my brain and I have seizures. So, keeping calm is hard sometimes. XXXXXXXXXXXX
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