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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle hankie
Post Content
Here is a good thread we might revisit, as we enter into the year before the 2020 election....

Thread: It's Starting: They want to change the electoral college in Ohio (Page 2)

And a post from it (mine)...

Here is a direct link to the Josh Cohen article at CNN. It's the outline of the game plan.

[link to www.cnn.com (secure)]

Here is a snip from the article; READ THE REST. I had to hack it up pretty well to stay under 50%. Empahsis mine.

Thankfully, there are four key sets of governmental actors across the United States that can commit now to certain steps that would help to isolate President Trump should he refuse to hand over power peacefully.

First is the justifiably much-maligned Electoral College. As we were reminded in 2016, elections are not determined by popular vote but by the votes of each state's and the District of Columbia's electors, who are generally chosen by the political parties at state conventions or through a vote of the party's central committee. For the sake of the rule of law and peaceful transfer of power, both parties should require anyone seeking to be one of the college's electors to pledge that they will not withhold, delay or alter their vote based on the claims or protestations of any candidate, including President Trump.

Second is Congress. It's the newly seated Congress that, in January 2021, will meet in joint session to receive the Electoral College's handiwork and count the electoral votes. Thereafter, the President of the Senate will formally announce the election's result. ... Moreover, they should pledge to hold public hearings with intelligence community leaders should those officials or any candidate suggest that vote counts were influenced by foreign election interference or for any other reason. That unvarnished testimony by intelligence professionals could debunk any claims by Trump (or any other candidate) that the final vote count shouldn't be honored.

Third, 39 of America's 50 state governors will not be up for reelection in 2020. ... Those 39 should band together now to make clear that they will serve, at least informally, as bastions of our democracy should a peaceful transfer of power look threatened by any candidate's response to the election. Especially because most, if not all, are sure to support one candidate or the other, they hold great power to urge respect for the election's results, regardless of who wins. (The article then uses Huckabee's actions in the Judge Roy Moore election as their example...of course! Use a republican as the example.)

Again, read the article. It sets up the full plan--the lawfags at 8ch would be able to unravel this in its entirety.

The article also expresses great "concern", over and over and over, about how this horrible unbalanced tyrant Trump might well just refuse to step down. Makes me vomit. That's their drum beat.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77151235

It doesn't have to, it bad even in this story. Somehow they think Trump was to be a dictator, excuse me, he had a life before election.

These people are out to find another toe hold to take over, no they do not care about the Republic, and yep, democracy is just a toe hold away from communist dictators and worse.

The are doing another try it, and not many governors agree on this type thing, look at Abortion rule.
These are not very logical people they do not even knew how electoral college is selected. It is not done at primaries at the party headquarters, if any states are doing this, they are insane. These electors are just registered in their party. I know one person who as asked to be one, she did not want to be one, fact she was not at any primary. Electors are supposed to be kept secret for the very reasons that happened last time, people pushing them to vote against what they are there for.
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