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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle The Natural One
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LATEST: Senate Majority Leader McConnell suggests Monday that the House impeachment inquiry could last until the end of the year, which could push the start of the Senate process up against the presidential primary season in early 2020.
McConnell suggests House impeachment timing could push Senate trial to 2020
"It looks to me like the House is gonna be on this until Christmas," the Senate Majority Leader said Monday of the House's impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.
nbcnews.com [link to www.nbcnews.com (secure)]

12:41 PM · Nov 18, 2019


Great.... This IS what they want. all the way up to the election day...

This sucks... Just release the damn reports FISA/ICIG/ etc.etc....
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