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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle keybored
Post Content

Yes, there is. Most music and l-yrics are copyrighted. You can't quote them in writing without permission from the owner.

Just because youtube doesn't do anything much about it doesn't mean they won't come after them or other sites for showing l-yrics.

Titles and common phrases used in songs are ok but you cannot quote the whole song.

Old songs like hymns usually fall outside of the time period for copyright, which is usually 70 years.
 Quoting: keybored

I have never heard of anything copyrighted of more than 25 years, Dolly Parton kept hers copyrighted all the time. If anyone wanted to make a record of her songs they had to pay her a fee and her one smart businesswoman. Most don't know this about her. Her songs have been sung by many people. She wrote them all herself.
 Quoting: hankie

[link to www.jdsupra.com (secure)]

Hankie, you might want to read the recent news about Taylor Swift, who publicly called out several people, including George Soros, because the copyright to her music was sold off behind her back by her music manager and she was not even offered the chance to buy her own music rights.

[link to www.rollingstone.com (secure)]
 Quoting: keybored

I did, she made some stupid moves, she should have copyrighted her work as she did them, she did not. Don't sign on with anyone who has a way to take your work, if you copyright for yourself it doesn't happen. Dolly Parton did this every time and also kept upper her copyrights so she always had control. I read it and saw her mistake right away and thought if she had done as Dolly did she would not be in that mess. Be your own best friend in that game is the best policy. If you own all rights they don't have a leg or nor are they able to sell your right to your own work. She signed something she shouldn't have, that is my take on it.
 Quoting: hankie

It was easier to get the copyright on your own material in the days when she was starting off. Nowadays, most artists need management to make it big and that takes control out of their hands.
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