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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle bijou
Post Content
Army navy game / twitter marker

POTUS tweeted at 1:44pm (10:44 Pacific) that he will be at the army navy game
This is the time of Q’s post “Look to twitter...The storm is upon us”
Then there are also [48] encodings in POTUS’ other tweets today and other references to “4th quarter” in past Q’s


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 Quoting: rachel3108

Army/Navy has held 119! Games so far.

111 the game was in 2010.

111 December 11, 2010 Philadelphia, PA Navy 31–17

Navy won.
Notice the army- black knights score of 17.

The 64th game: Philadelphia,PA. Navy 21-15
In 1963, shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy urged the academies to play after there had been talk of cancellation. Originally scheduled for November 30, 1963, the game was played on December 7, 1963 also coinciding with the 22nd anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.[17] In front of a crowd of 102,000 people in Philadelphia's Municipal Stadium, later renamed John F. Kennedy Stadium, junior...
touchdown drive that featured the first use of instant replay on television.

On 4th down and no timeouts, crowd noise prevented Stichweh from calling a play and time expired with the 21–15 final score

?So army for the win. This year. Scores will be both odd numbers and army will get double the Navy score, since Navy were winners while the bad were in command, now it will be the army who wins,bc good guys are in command.

Tick tock, times expired.
Instant replay, big screen,televised,
Opposite of Batman football,
The take down of a false flag, live?
The noise of the crowd???

I pray it is good, no, great news!
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