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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle bijou
Post Content
Anonymous 12/14/19 (Sat) 00:22:12da3372 (9) No.7502900>>7502916 >>7502968 >>7503009 >>7503129 >>7503137 >>7503269 >>7503275 >>7503319 >>7503321 >>7503329

File (hide): 6dc39f5aef072d6⋯.jpg (110.76 KB, 833x839, 833:839, boo.JPG) (h) (u)

x22 points out break down of BO xmas vid…about 19min in

[link to www.bitchute.com (secure)]

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

Seriously everything in Hussein’s video is code:

“Elf on the shelf”

“I like to make lists”

“My dogs?”

“Illness and accidents happen”

“You have until Dec 15 to get it done”

The spider web (spiderman box)

The mirror (display)

And those are just the ones I caught.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

I thought it was about time I share my holiday gift list — a few practical items, all $10 or less. The best one? Health care for you or somebody you care about. The deadline to sign up is December 15. Go to [link to HealthCare.gov] and get covered.

[link to twitter.com (secure)]
 Quoting: anon of 8ish

[link to twitter.com (secure)]
Hillary Clinton

The deadline to get covered by Obamacare is this Sunday, December 15.

Head to [link to HealthCare.gov] to find a plan that works for you, and talk to your friends and family to make sure they're covered!

10:49 AM · Dec 13, 2019·

 Quoting: The Natural One

Elf on a shelf is an anagram
Flesh on leaf
Leaf on flesh
Deal no flesh.

It reminds me of that weird leafy presidential picture.

Elf on a shelf=251=
Signet( BHO Muslim ring)
The core ( group or PC Intel?)
Sri Lanka ( subud? Tides?)
Oaktree( think acorn, the community activist group, but grown)
 Quoting: bijou

Elf, extremely low frequencies
On a
Shelf, super high extremely low frequency??? Shortwave?
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