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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle keybored
Post Content

Yes, there is. Most music and l-yrics are copyrighted. You can't quote them in writing without permission from the owner.

Just because youtube doesn't do anything much about it doesn't mean they won't come after them or other sites for showing l-yrics.

Titles and common phrases used in songs are ok but you cannot quote the whole song.

Old songs like hymns usually fall outside of the time period for copyright, which is usually 70 years.
 Quoting: keybored

KB I have an excellent resource on this.. and I AM NOT AND NEITHER IS TRINITY Guilty of copyrighted abuse by OTHERS.

I did not quote any whole song myself.... Enough already. What do you think fair use laws came into being for?

This forum could not even exist in your belief system.. because everytime we quote a news source we would be violating copy right without it.

How man YOu tube are in your own thread... whether there are music words or otherwise in them...

Your own ego and your feelings about it don't count as a resource. The law is the law and the law says you cannot reproduce l-yrics without permission.

Embedding a video isn't the same as l-yrics. You can embed a video but not the video with l-yrics.

It has nothing to do with 'fair use' as that is an entirely different set of circumstances.

The are NO videos which contain l-yrics in my thread because I remove them, usually with a friendly reminder.

It is legal to embed the videos that don't contain the words because they are not hosted on GLP and are only embedded. It is not legal to reproduce lyrics.
 Quoting: keybored

KB read what I bolded above you posted.. its NONSENSE.

KB I have fine celestial lawyers both ON THE GROUND and above to whom I connect. Please explain to ME what I put IN THOSE YOU TUBES with LYRIC.. I DID NOT DO THEM.. THEY ARE NOT MINE. I did not fucking reproduce the lyrics.

I don't need to read what I posted because I researched it first and didn't rely on heavenly voices in my head to tell me I am right.

You posted videos with l-yrics in them. Doesn't matter if you put them in the video or not.
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