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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Pepperroni
Post Content
Such apparent criminality on display with these people. I refuse to believe nothing will happen. It’s so “in your face.” Every day it’s something new, and it’s obvious. We have to get control of the media before anything will happen, and we’ve only got three guys fighting for us.


Barr, Durham and Trump.

Best thing we can do, peacefully that is, is be armed with the truth. Keep educating those around you, something will awaken in them. Hussein’s DOJ was spying before the fisa was approved. Once they saw the momentum Trump had leading up to the election, it was so obvious he’d get the nomination and they got spooked. They thought she would never lose.

I theorize they only got the FISA as a CYA measure for spying on him well before November 7 without a warrant to do so, THE FIRST FISA WAS DENIED and then they used a fictitious document to get a fisa AND forged documents, to legally SPY on Trump.
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