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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Azaziah
Post Content

A wise teacher presents concepts

they allow their readers to choose the parts they can carry

You have a dominant energy

walk your own path

allow others to walk theirs

KB has a wisdom you seem to lack

give thought to how you raise your self above others

I wish you all that is good on your journey .x
 Quoting: Jean.x

This is not truth... but I rest my case here in her thread. I don't allow my threads to be trashed and if she thinks my posts here are trash.. she is entitled to ban me. And should in fact.. its an HONEST AUTHENTIC thing to do. hugs 1

I was wanting to discuss more about the subject of copy right and should I decide to do that.. it will be in my Light and life thread.. because things will change as we move further that around copyright. She is welcome as is anyone else here to join in a legitimate discussion. I AM THAT I AM KAN DAEK

You don't discuss things though. You get off on telling everybody else they are wrong and only you are right because some voice in your head called Michael told you so.

It's actually rare that I ban people in here. I don't ban people because I don't like them or what they believe because I am a fair moderator, but I do ban them for not sticking to the basic rules of this thread, one of which is to respect the other posters here.

You seem determined to poke and prod at me until I do ban you, so you can feel all smug and justified. That is disrespectful and if you carry on then I will ban you.
 Quoting: keybored

I AM THAT I AM and I do working directly with Christ Jesus by method of telepathy... I have not POKED and PRODDED at you AT ALL but YOU JUST DID AT ME. I am NOT even prodding at you to ban me... GROW THEY SPIRIT which means think things thru and ask for wisdom . It is the goal of all humans... YOU HAVE PUT DOWN MY WORK beloved as FAKE. Ponder that one.

If its fake... ban me then.

PLEASE GET THIS FRUITCAKE OFF OF THIS THREAD. She is sneakily subversive and is smart. She/it has no place here.
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