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Message Subject QAnon: It's on, don't panic ii
Poster Handle Misspurrrrrect
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[link to www.breitbart.com (secure)]

Tom Cotton: Sonia Sotomayor Falsely Accused GOP-Appointed Justices of Doing What Democrat-Appointed Judges Do


Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor projected when she accused her Republican-appointed peers of acquiescence to the Trump administration, said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) in an interview on Breitbart News Sunday with special guest host Joel Pollak.

Sotomayor dissented in the Supreme court’s 5-4 decision in Wolf v. Cook County, upholding the federal government’s authority to restrict immigration from foreigners who would become financial burdens on taxpayers as “public charges.”

“I fear that this disparity in treatment erodes the fair and balanced decisionmaking process that this Court must strive to protect,” wrote Sotomayor, who was appointed by Barack Obama, adding, “They upend the normal appellate process, putting a thumb on the scale in favor of the party that won a stay.”
 Quoting: The Natural One

Sotomayor is not impartial. Even Roberts kept his mouth shut until he was forced to lie. Sotomayor is going to turn the sacred halls of justice into a minefield because she is a rabid liberal and an Obama plant!
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