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Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner

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United States
03/22/2018 06:41 AM
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Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner
[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Was this vid ever posted on GLP?

Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner
Aug 11, 2015

Beau Abbott's testimony against the CIA and DEA.

Interesting Comments follow:
VERY gripping testimony, here ~ a basically decent, ethical man slowly finding himself WAAAY over his head in intrigues and the coercive collusion of an abominable world-spanning conspiracy, recounting his coming-to-terms with the private hell of his very own journey down the rabbit hole of parapolitics, piercing the veil of the deepstate military-corporate-criminal syndicate technocracy that underlies our modern American consensual-reality paradigm.

This syndicate-complex of corrupt special-interests radically expanded in the decades post ww2, and then flowered under the corporate-neocon/neoliberal revolution under Reagan and Bush ~ and its been a crashdive power-on downhill 'managed' catastrophe for We The people ever since ... Imagine how much more sinister, malicious, duplicitous, corrupt and institutionally criminalized the deepstate Beau describes has become in the 25-yrs since the events he describes. The mostly contrived Cold War was created and exploited as pretext to establish a global Imperium Incorporated of military-corporate-criminal interests for an absolutist Dominionism that completely undermines and subverts the liberal ideals and principles this nation was initially founded on.

The true meaning of 'liberal' is anti-authoritarian championing of life, peace, self-actualization, community, co-prosperity, liberty, social-justice rule-of-law and citizen-rule government. Over time, its been co-opted and villianized as meaning its exact opposite, ie. elitism, authoritarianism and civil-dependency ~ and the majority of people have been psyoped, dumbed-down and conditioned to not know-better or question it. Divide-and-Rule has become the playbook script by which to fracture and fragment any hope of a mass-movement common-cause revolution-resistance opposition to the establishment status-quo, that acts like a defacto weaponized, corporatized, financialized criminal confederation, ie Overlord Empire inc.

Resist! Don't Submit~ Don't let the MFers get over on you, deflect your inherent decency and turn you against your neighbors, many or most who just don't know any better and whose petty greed and ambition has been used to make them servile subjects instead of sovereign citizens of the Planet. Make common-cause for the dignity, truth, liberty, love and life of WE The people all over the world.

He was killed in his bath tub a few weeks later. He slipped in the tub an broke his neck in 3 places. It was ruled an accident.


They killid him.

It's always amazing to hear people say they were locked in jail without being arrested. If you are held by any law enforcement officer or agency and are not free to go anywhere, of your own free will, you ARE under arrest.

Federal case law was established regarding stop & frisk, search and seizure, detention, arrest, and habeus corpus a long time ago, yet people rarely do anything more than demand an attorney and even then they wait too long to do that. I'm not speaking out of my ass, the only profession I've been a member of in my adult life is law enforcement. None of my peers would be so thoughtless and foolish as to even try lodging someone in jail without charge unless the subject had a warrant for his arrest or a lawful detainer from a judge, probation or parole officer or other lawful authority was in effect and verified to be valid. Our local jail would've kicked him loose right away if any officer showed up wanting to lodge someone without charge. The financial liability is huge, and vicarious liability also applies. I'd be happy as hell to arrest an international drug smuggler, but only if the circumstances called for it. Losing everything I own to a skilled criminal defense attorney isn't worth putting anyone in jail illegally.

Great Fkn video funny how there is no information on this man.

RIP, sir. Along with Gary Webb, Mike Ruppert, Chip Tatum, Ted Gunderson and countless others who spoke truth to this EVIL.

Good ol merica. Not only corrupt, but sick and twisted, chewing up its own people.

Bitcoin is probably a CIA money laundering operation.

I knew some people from Costa Rica. Their parents had a contract to manufacture air force military uniforms. They told me that cocaine was loaded into shipping boxes with the uniforms packed on top. The boxes would be loaded on military transport planes being shipped to the USA.

I had some friends that had taken a hashish buying trip to Afghanistan. They came into contact with CIA operatives who were buying up all the heroin being produced. The growers told them that they could only sell to them small amounts of PRIMO HASHISH (the best hashish ever) because the CIA would cause them trouble.

Just lol at 5:20 where he snorts in a huge wad of flem and swallows it.

He is dead today. Peace with him.

Darkweb is CIA.

Our top government officials pocket billions from drug trafficking while playing the role of guardians of the people, how sick is that? Why do we stand by and allow them to destroy what was once the greatest country on earth? I don't believe there is a statute of limitations on treason, so let us bring them to justice with a grass roots demand!

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Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/22/2018 06:54 AM
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Re: Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner
NotStarvingActress  (OP)

User ID: 20396732
United States
03/22/2018 07:24 AM
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Re: Confessions of a CIA Drug Runner
More interesting comments following my linked vid:

Check out "CPS Steals Children" if you want to see sick and twisted or research Nancy Schaefer and how she was murdered trying to shut down state sponsored child trafficking in the states. What is really disturbing is that Americans know about it and support this child sharing idea.

..Danny Casolaro, who wrote The Octopus, and Phillip Marshal, who wrote The Big Bamboozle, both paid with their lives as well....

GLP, Have the above authors & books been discussed?

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